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What should be done in the Maintenance of Industrial Slurry Pumps?

Aug. 12, 2020

As a Centrifugal Water Pump Manufacturer, share with you. Maintenance of the shaft seal of industrial slurry pumps: The packing shaft seal pump should regularly check the sealing water pressure and water volume, always keep a small amount of clean water flowing along the shaft, regularly adjust the packing gland, check the packing and regularly replace the packing, and the shaft seal water pressure. The shaft seal water volume should meet the above (shaft seal inspection) requirements.

Centrifugal Water Pump

Centrifugal Water Pump

The auxiliary impeller shaft seal pump with oil cup should be filled with oil regularly to lubricate the inner packing or lip seal ring.

Adjustment of the impeller of industrial slurry pump: In order to ensure the operation of the pump, the gap between the impeller and the front guard plate must be adjusted in time. The gap between the metal lined pump impeller and the front guard plate is between 0.5-1mm, and the rubber lined pump impeller and front and rear sheaths The gap between them should be equal. When adjusting the impeller clearance, first stop the pump, loosen the bolts that press the bearing assembly, and tighten the nuts on the adjusting bolts to move the bearing assembly forward. At the same time, turn the shaft by hand to rotate in the direction of the pump until the impeller rubs against the front guard plate. For the metal-lined pump, loosen the nut just tightened by half a turn. Then tighten the front nut on the adjusting bolt to move the bearing assembly backward. At this time, the gap between the impeller and the front guard plate is between 0.5-1mm. For the rubber-lined pump, tighten the nut on the adjusting bolt to make the bearing assembly move first. Move forward to make the impeller contact the front sheath, and then move the bearing assembly backward to make the impeller and the rear sheath contact, and measure the total contact distance of the bearing assembly. This distance is generally taken as the gap between the impeller and the front and rear sheaths. Adjust the position of the bearing assembly with the adjusting bolt to ensure the correct clearance value between the impeller and the front and rear sheaths. After adjustment, before restarting, check whether the impeller is rotating normally, whether the bearing assembly compression bolt and adjusting bolt are tightened, and then start the pump.

Industrial slurry pump bearing lubrication: During the assembly of the bearing assembly, if the assembly is correct, the amount of lubricant is appropriate, and the maintenance is timely, the operating life will be longer. Maintenance personnel should regularly inspect the bearing assembly and check the condition of the bearing and grease. The maintenance interval is generally not More than 12 months. Grease must be added regularly during operation. The interval and the amount of injection are related to many factors such as the speed of the pump, bearing specifications, continuous working time, the number of times the pump is stopped, the surrounding environment and operating temperature, and excessive grease will cause bearings. Heat, so you must gradually accumulate experience and add grease in a reasonable and timely manner.

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