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motorized drum pulley

The motorized pulley( motorized drum/drum motor) has been especially created for belt conveyors

The motor, gearbox as well as bearings are completely encased and also closed inside a steel covering; for that reason they are not likely to stop working as a result of unsafe ecological problems such as water, dust, grit chemicals, grease, oil, etc

. Because the drive unit as well as the bearings are mounted inside the motorized pulley covering, it uses up much less room than a standard drive. No demand for expensive bonus like chains,v-belts, couplings, bearings, assistance framework and also special guarding.

The end user likewise gains from the motorized pulley(motorized drum/drum motor), because it requires no maintenance aside from the recommended oil adjustment every 10,000 hrs and oil seal modification every 30,000 hrs. In other words virtually 5 years between oil modifications based on 8-hour/day working week. Synthetic oil can be specified to prolong the service range up to 30,000 hrs.

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