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How to Deal With the Slurry Pump Does Not Absorb Water?

Apr. 14, 2021

As a Centrifugal Water Pump Supplier, share with you.

Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry

Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry

1. When the slurry pump fails to absorb water during operation

This situation is generally caused by air leakage in the suction pipe or instrument of the slurry pump, or may be caused by the bottom valve of the slurry pump not being opened. When encountering this kind of failure, the technician must first check where the leak is and block it in time. Secondly, repair and replace the bottom valve of the slurry pump.

2. Abnormal sound is made inside the slurry pump, and there is a failure of no water supply

This situation is generally due to the possibility of air infiltration when the slurry pump sucks water, causing abnormal noises in the pump body. At the same time, the impeller of the slurry pump is damaged or mixed with debris, which causes the failure of the pump not to supply water. When encountering this kind of failure, the technician needs to adjust the liquid level of the slurry pump and check the impeller at the same time. If it is damaged or aging, it must be replaced in time. In addition, the debris in the pump body and impeller must be cleaned. .

3. Severe vibration of the slurry pump shows an abnormal condition

This failure may generally be caused by the following problems:

① Cavitation may have occurred in the slurry pump.

② The movement trajectory of the pump shaft and the motor does not move concentrically.

③The foot bolts of the slurry pump are loose.

The solutions are:

① Make reasonable adjustments to the outlet valve of the slurry pump to make it run within the specified performance parameters.

② Correct the pump shaft and motor shaft of the slurry pump so that they are on the same middle line.

③Check whether the foot bolts of the slurry pump are loose, and tighten the bolts firmly.

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