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What are the Problems Caused by Improper Installation of the Slurry Pump?

Sep. 14, 2020

As a Centrifugal Water Pump Supplier, share with you. The problems caused by improper installation of the slurry pump and their solutions. Improper installation of the slurry pump will cause great troubles in debugging, and some problems are very hidden and not easy to find. You must carefully grasp every little during the assembly process of the slurry pump. Details can guarantee the reliability of the slurry pump operation.

There are mainly the following:

① Foreign matter enters the pump cavity, causing poor operation or inoperability.

②The installation is not in place, and it is not easy to detect with the naked eye. It is only discovered after a problem occurs.

③The gap was not paid attention to during installation, which caused inconvenience to future maintenance.

④ When the installation is not properly supported, the weight of the pipeline and the slurry is all pressed on the pump, causing damage to the pump components.

Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry

Horizontal Centrifugal Slurry

When installing the slurry pump, you must pay attention to:

First, find a good coaxiality, which is very important for the normal operation and longevity of the pump.

Secondly, check the seal of the mechanical seal joint, and it must be sealed;

Once again, be careful not to drop foreign objects into the pump cavity.

Once again, pay attention to leaving some space for future maintenance when laying out the pipeline.

Also, the pipeline must be supported, and all the pipelines cannot be pressed on the pump.

Daily operation instructions for slurry pump

Turn on the pump:

1. Before starting the slurry pump, turn off the power and disc pump, and confirm that the pump body is normal before powering on and starting;

2. Open the shaft seal water and cooling water before turning on the pump, and adjust the pressure value to the specified value;

3. Fully open the water inlet valve;

4. Open the water injection valve and inject water into the pump;

5. Adjust the opening of the outlet valve to 1/4;

6. Start the unit. After the speed is normal, open the outlet pressure gauge. If the pressure gauge is normal and stable, open the outlet valve until it is fully opened or meets the requirements of the working conditions.

Note: Starting the pump with the outlet valve fully opened will cause the motor to overload; using a closed inlet valve to control the flow will cause cavitation of the pump, which should be avoided!

Stop the pump:

1. Before stopping the pump, pump clean water for 30 minutes to clean the slurry in the pump and the pipe;

2. Close the pump outlet valve, and close the corresponding shaft seal water and cooling water;

3. Close the pump inlet valve.

Note: Never stop the pump when the outlet valve is fully open, otherwise it will easily cause water hammer and damage the pump or pipe fittings.

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