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Do you know the Application of Slurry Pump in Dust Recovery Project?

Oct. 26, 2020

As a Submersible Sludge Pump Manufacturer, share with you. Application of slurry pump in dust recovery project, installation of water mist spray equipment belt conveyor as transportation equipment of crushing system has an important position in the entire crushing system, and spray dust removal facilities are added above the belt according to site needs, Played a very good role in dust removal. At the discharge port of each belt, due to the drop, the amount of dust generated will increase significantly than when the mineral material is on the belt. Additional spray facilities are installed at the discharge port of each belt, which also plays a good role in dust removal. effect. At the same time, this remarkable dust removal method is used at the discharge port of the feeder, etc., and the dust removal effect is obvious. After the above-mentioned series of technical transformations, the dust concentration of each post in the crushing system was significantly reduced, reaching the standard (6mg/m3) or less. It solves a series of environmental problems in the crushing system. While protecting the health of employees, it also improved the company's overall image and produced huge brand benefits.

Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

The application of slurry pumps in dust recovery projects, dust recovery and utilization, dust collection is mainly achieved through belt pulse dust collectors, but the dust collectors do not have dry or wet dust removal systems. By retrofitting the dust collector and installing wet ash removal equipment, the collected dust can be directly transferred to the flotation system, avoiding the loss of molybdenum metal.

Problems and solutions caused by improper installation of the slurry pump. Improper installation of the slurry pump will cause a lot of trouble in debugging, and some problems are hidden and not easy to find. You must carefully grasp every small part of the assembly process of the slurry pump. Details can guarantee the reliability of the slurry pump operation.

There are mainly the following:

① Foreign matter enters the pump cavity, causing poor operation or inoperability.

②The installation is not in place, and it is not easy to detect with the naked eye. It is only discovered after a problem occurs.

③The gap was not paid attention to during installation, which caused inconvenience for future maintenance.

④ When the installation is not properly supported, the weight of the pipeline and the slurry is all pressed on the pump, causing damage to the pump components.

When installing the slurry pump, you must pay attention to:

First find a good coaxiality, which is very important for the normal operation and longevity of the pump;

Secondly, check the seal of the mechanical seal joint, and it must be sealed;

Once again, be careful not to drop foreign objects into the pump cavity.

Again, pay attention to leaving some space for future maintenance when laying out the pipeline.

Also, the pipeline must be supported, and all the pipelines cannot be pressed on the pump.

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