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Return Idler Roller (TD75/DTII)And Spiral Idler Roller(DTII)

      Return idler roller has physical and chemical properties which are high wear resistance, low friction coefficient, not easy to wear leather strap. It also has the fine self lubrication and not easy to card to die in the bad conditions, antistatic, flame retardant, aging resistance, corrosion resistance. It can withstand repeated impact, vibration, mechanical performance is excellent, light weight, easy installation, no maintenance, low noise(3-7DB), smooth operation. The temperature of using keep in -40°Cto-85°C.

      Return idler roller  is widely used in the original dock transporting places where dust is bigger and the environment has high corrosive, such as mining, 

 Return Idler Roller Advantage

1) Long life time more than 30000 hours

2) Definitely waterproof and dustproof, Fireproof 

3) Low noise, low axial movement

4) Low price

5) All professional equipment line ensure the high quality of finished product

6) Quick after sale service 

7) OEM available

8) Free sample available


Return Idler Roller  Description


Idler Roller Type

Trough, Flat, V return, Training, Self- aligning, Garland, Off set conveyor idler roller 

Life Time

More than 30,000 hours

Roller Seals

TK(same as Rulmeca)/TKII/DTII/TD75/TKIII(same as Rulmeca water resistance kind)

Bearing Brand

HRB SKF NSK or as your request

Bearing Size

6204/6205/6206/6304/6305/6306/6307/6308/6310/6312/6406 deep groove ball bearing 2RS

Roller Pipe Material

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Rubber, Nylon, Pvc, HDPE, UHMWPE

Roller Shaft Material

Carbon steel, Stainless steel

Idler belt width

500mm -2800mm

Roller Diameter

60 76 89 102 108 114 127 133 139 152 159 178 194 219mm

Roller Length

160mm-2800mm any length can be request

Idler Roller Standard


Conveyor Idler Application

For coal, mine, quarry, cement, steel, power, crusher industry


Powder coat painting, normal painting, Hot galvanized painting


Free sample available

Return Idler Roller Display

Return Idler Roller (TD75/DTII)And Spiral Idler Roller(DTII)

Return Idler Roller  packaging

Return Idler Roller (TD75/DTII)And Spiral Idler Roller(DTII)

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