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gear shaft

    shaft is a cylindrical object that passes through the middle of a bearing, wheel or gear, but a few of them are square. shaft is a mechanical part supporting a rotating part and rotating with it to transmit motion, torque or bending moment. Generally, it is in the shape of metal rod, and each section can have different diameters. The rotating parts of the machine are installed on the shaft.



 Carbon Steel


 SAE1020, SAE1045, Cr12, 40Cr,


 Alloy Steel


 20CrMnTi, 16MnCr5, 20CrMnMo, 41CrMo, 17CrNiMo5etc




 HPb59-1, H70, CuZn39Pb2, CuZn40Pb2, C38000, CuZn40etc


Outer Diameter


 Based on drawing


Length Dimension


 Based on drawing


Machining Process


Gear Hobbing, Gear Milling, Gear Shaping, Gear Broaching, Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding and Gear Lapping


Teeth Accuracy


DIN Class 4, ISO/GB Class 4, AGMA Class 13, JIS Class 0




1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5....8.0 etc


Heat Treatment


Quenching & Tempering, Carburizing & Quenching, High-frequency Hardening, Carbonitriding


Surface Treatment


Blacking, Polishing, Anodization, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating

Shaft Photos


Shaft Packaging


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